Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Winters Last Stand?

Sitting here, looking out my window, you would not know that it is spring. Near white, the field across the street is onceled to me. Funny, just a couple short hours ago, I was riding my single speed up the valley, but hey, that is winter in Colorado. This presents an interesting time for me, I am torn between riding and nordic skiing. It has been one of the better winters to date, great snow, and having had some epic days both on the snowboard and skis, I don't want it to end. yet, it also has been a long hard winter, many mornings saw the mercury receed back to -30 and lower. This make me long for the warmer days of spring and summer. Lately, it has been the best of both worlds - skate sking one day, followed by riding the next - awesome!

But those days are numbered. We will probably have the best crust season in long time as ski areas close this and next weekend, and people turn their focus more towards riding. I have made a pledge to myself to keep the skis waxed, and hit the hardpack while it is good. This will be a tough priomise to keep as we are already hitting our first road race of the season this weekend, and as the riding gets good...but I guess you can't loose not matter what you choose.

Enjoy the Ride.

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