Saturday, August 12, 2006

Is it 'Cross Season yet?

Hard to believe another season is almost at a close. Thursday, Sandi wrapped up her bid for the PowerAde Pinnacle Series title w/ her 3rd win in the series. She has been loving her new Ti and steel IF's, finding it hard to choose which one will become her single speed.

We have been taking advantage of the cooler mountain weather on the weekends w/ some epic rides. My eye has been towards cross, bith as an organizer, and wanted to get out and mix it up a little. Woth two USGP's in Colorado, it should be a fun season.

Our ACA races are on October 7 & 8, hopefully the 7th will be in Crested Butte after getting bumped out of the Mountain village in Telluride for Oktoberfest. CBMR laid some very nice, emerald- green lucious grass perfect for a cowbell cross day. Keep you posted.

For a full review of the ACA season, has the calendar, and check out for all other info.

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