Friday, September 08, 2006

Tofino BC

Sandi's parents have been in town visiting from Germany, so we usually take a trip w/ them, and this year it was off to the Northwest. After a brief couple hour dash through Seattle, we quickly made our way into the wilds of British Columbia, and Vancouver Island. The first night up there we spent in Ucuelet, a sleepy fisher town on the far south end of the Pacific Rim Biosphere. While sandi and her parents were off on a small hike, spotting this bear, I was getting the next few days sufr report, and finding out where to go surf.

The next day we made our way inot the Biosphere and lucked out getting a sweet camping spot in the only campground in the park, directly on the beach. Once again we did some hiking in the dense rainforests there, and went to Tofino where I picked up my 9'2" tri-fin longboard from Longbeach Surf Shop. Tofino has a great feel to it, really laid back, lots of natural food options as well as an abundance of Organic Espresso bars. It can best be described as Crested Butte on the sea, but that really doesn't to this place justice. With glacier filled mountains as a backdrop, I spent the next coupler of days paddling aournd in the surf.

The waves were on the small side, 3 -4 feet the first day, a solid 5' the next, which was fine since I have not been in over ten years. I was so addictive, and it felt great just to be out there. On the final morning as I sat ontop of my board outside the break, a Sealion popped up just feet from me and we enjoyed a few moments of just checking each other out.

Tofino will definitely be on my list of places I need to go back to, it was a =n awesome, refreshing trip, but next time the bike will definitely make the trip.

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