Sunday, October 01, 2006

'Cross Report: Boulder CX #1

Abandoning our cool confines of Gunni, Sandi & I ventured out to Boulder late Friday evening to take part inour first 'cross races on the season. By the time we arrived in Boulder, it was 60F @ 10pm, our daytime high was just around there. After a good nights rest, we awoke to a bluebird Colorado day, and made our way out to the CU Research Center, for round one of the Boulder CX Series, also part of the ACA point series.

The 'cross sceene is so nice in many ways, swett bikes, nice people, and races contained in a small area brimming with excitement. We have a family of sorts w/ those people we meet week in and week out during the cross season, and it was like a family reunion this past weekend. We met a long lost relative for the first time, Daisuke Yano from Japan, who had made the trip over for Interbike and to 'work' in the Boulder office of Cateye for a couple of days. Rocco was kind enough to lend out his cross rig for Daisuke to jump on in the Cat3's.

First up was Tim Faia, another IF brother who nailed the 35+ class by beating out the always up front Karl Kiester. I haven't seen the offical results, but it looked like an epic due to the size of the field - BIG! I was going to do that class, but opted for the Single Speed, figuring they are giving us a class, and I should support that. But as it turns out I was the only one, and the officials let me start with the Cat3's, but at the back.

Guessing there were 50 - 60 riders, I had some work to do. I saw Daisuke on the first lap, along with Brett Batchelder, who is picking his new IF up next week, and just put the gas to floor to work my way through the field. By lap three, there were approx. 20 - 30 riders still out front, and I kept my head down, passing riders each lap. Wtih two to go, I finally figured out that I was sitting in 4th place, and was trying to close down the gap to the leaders. While I came close to pinning thrid back, Iwas amped on my ride. Even while in the red the whole way, I never let up, and felt good with my result, afterall I won the single speed class...

Daisuke did not fair as well, altitude, Interbike and the heat kept him from riding up front, but it seems he still had fun with it. Sandi also did not fai so well in the womens race, stacking it hard while chasing in third, she messed up her bike and her spare was not along for the ride. She would limp home in 7th.

Great start to the CX season, little over a month until the two USGP's in Boulder, but a lot of 'cross racing to be had between now and then including our own Gunni-cross next weekend! New venue for Saturday, we had to move due to scheduling, so both days will be on the campus of Western State. Day one will take place on campus, though all of the department building, ampatheater, student union and dorms, killer course. Day two will be the traditional course around the athletic fields.

Hope to see you there.

IF's Japan contigent, Daisuke in full mud-glory racing in Japan

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