Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the build up...

Piss Off #36, Owner: Erik Lindner,Bavaria, Germany - a Ferrari in the driveway could not be any sexier.

The build up for the CX season is long been under way. The buzz is rampant in the blogosphere, mags, shops. It is palletable. Today will serve up 2x 20min at full throttle out Goldbasin Road on the cross bike. I love cross workouts, more than any other. Just turning laps on a cross course is a joy.

Squadra is printing up my new IF kit - just for me. It will debut at CrossVegas on my new 953 cross bike, also a one-off. Slowly getting my build dialed in as well.

Trying to pull everything together for out CX events, a lot in the works! Can't wait to get a chance to throw down in Belgium this season, having raced there before (Houffalize MTB World Cup), I look forward to being back there in the thick of the action.

Saw some leaves changing on my drives this week, just hints of the coming season... also I have noticed many cyclo-tourists out on the roads this summer - more than any other.


Rollitup said...

Goldbasin Road that brings back a lot of painful memories of hard workouts. Aren't disc brakes still a UCI No NO?

34x18 said...

not sure on the discs, but I don't think this bike is seeing much UCI action, but I am sure about the pain and suffering on Goldbasin.

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