Sunday, November 25, 2007

Training Partner

Actung! Baby on Board!

The weather Gods have blessed us w/ an extended riding season, hell, I might make it out again today. But they seem to have forgotten that we like snow as well. If it were not for a small little patch up on Lily Lakes, we would have ridden bikes again yesterday, but we made it out for our first (actually my second) nordic outing. In doing so, we have utilized all of the kits we purchased for the Chariot (a night run in the falling snow on Friday put the jogger through the paces). By far the biggest training benefit has been the bike version, add 30lbs and a parachute to your rear end and you will get my drift.

The ski has been the most fun thus far. It actually makes you feel more stable on skis, and it glides great. My training partner Colin, now 11 weeks old takes everything in stride, mostly he just sleeps through it all. But once and a while he is alert and like a sponge takes it all in. We are looking forward to skiing with him in Europe on the myriad of XC trails that network small picturesque villages, most of which have a lot of snow already.

Team Bloomer

Colin also has been to 7 races so far, yes I know, people think we are pigeon-holing him into being a cyclist, and I am sure it will have an influence on him. However, I secretly want him to be a really good fussball (that's soccer to you Amerikaner). In fact I am going to take a camp myself to be able to play with him, right now I am pathetic at best.

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