Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CX Worlds

Photo courtesy of ©: Isosport

Worlds are here once again and there are some big question marks on who will take titles home. With Nijs riding not at top form and Boom riding like a champ, you have got to wonder. Verwecken looks on form and a slew of French, Czech and other riders look posed to drop the hammer as well. It seems Nijs has taken his eye off the prize, atleast in cross. I wonder if he is thinking about an Olympic medal instead? I don't see Page matching his performance from last year, in fact I bet against at Nats, and will do so again, giving the nod to Tim Johnson to place higher. Johnson won't make the podium, but a 4th place at Wolrds will be a solid finish for hime. Here is how I see the other three shaking down.
1. Lars Boom
2. Erwin Verwecken
3. Bart Wellens

With the ladies it will be a bout between Hanka Kupfernagel and Katie Compton. Compton has downplayed her chances at Worlds by taking a more relaxed approach, but I still think she is all business. Head-to-head I see a long hard fought race between the German and Compton, but I think Compton will pull it out and will be the only US medalist from last year to make the podium. Kupfernagel 2nd and Van Brand 3rd. It would be great to see Katie go to Single Speed Worlds next year, she would definitely kill it.

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