Monday, March 31, 2008


Sometimes its hard to see the forest through the trees, and so it is with training this time of the year. So many days, kilometers, downloads from the HRM onto the laptap, it is hard to tell where you are. The feelings are good, but until you line up against others, you don't know.

For me this season is an extra challenge. Last season I took off, with Sandi pregnant, our pending move, racing, let alone training was out. Upside was that I rode a lot new trails... Since moving to Germany, nordic skiing also has fallen victim, normally I am coming off a long nordic skiing season, this year it has been a lot of riding - I am not complaining. Last couple of weeks I have wondered where I am, sometimes not feeling that good, but lately I have felt strong and like I am getting stronger. April 12th is my season kick-off, the first German Bundesliga Cup race in Mussingen, "Das Fruhjahres Klassicher".

Looking forward to getting out to dice it up and see really where things lie, and to know what work needs to be done. Haven't decided on Houffalize World Cup, but the first weekend in May is the German Single Speed Champs, that would be a nice jersey for the collection.

Continuing to build the IF Brand over here, 29'ers are of particular interest for the Euro's - steel none the less, I thought we would be peddaling ultralight ti-lugged/ carbon race bikes...

I have some projects to consume my time, some you all will see soon.

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I know how you feel with the strength, etc. We rode so much in the States and I might get half as much in with no group rides and such. It's kind of sad.

Anyway, we're hitting Garda instead of the German race... I'm still baffled as to why they're holding it the 1st week in May.... Grrrr! Take a lot of pics and enjoy it.