Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike's new bike

somewhere above Rico, Colorado is a cross bike eating up some of the best trails in the world...

Mike Guskea is a character, a personable guy but a bit of a sour puss. Oh he owns two ti Indy's so don't dis on him just yet. Not too mention he is one of the best chefs in the world. His shops in TRide CO produce some the finest eats you ever have the pleasure of putting your mouth. Soph and he lead a simple life of working too much, enjoying their new home in Rico and lots of riding (only when they are not working).

Mike has a new bike (pictured) and blog...surely to be entertaining. stay tuned.


Mike Guskea said...

You funny man, Bloomer!!!
This is all your fault, you've created a monster!
An IF monster!!!
Got the first fifty miles on that bad boy the last two days-----holy shit, this thing is the bomb!!! And i mean the bomb! Soooo fast and super responsive!!!!

Anonymous said...

That... looks like a really sweet ride!

I love food. If I/we ever get in that neighborhood, we'll have to check out Mike's places.