Friday, May 01, 2009

Gardasee Day Two

the thing about attending such a festival is not just to be seen, but to see. See what the consumer is doing, and to observe the market in a 'real world' setting. Granted, real world is dependent on where you find it, you will not meet the same public at a single speed meet as you will at one of the main stream events, but both are equally important and interesting.

Thus far I have been positively surprised by what I have observed and seen at the Gardasee Fest. Today was especially sweet for me as not only did I meet more enthusiasts and fans, but I saw some bikes I actually lust after. First was an Italian who will be a customer of ours in the near future, with his beautiful, near fully retro Yeti with elevated chainstays. There are few symbols of mountain biking's heyday, and this is one of them.

Yeti Ultimate

Yeti Headbadge

The second symbol is none other the a Fat City Cycles Yo Eddy, and yes, there was one of those in its full green to blue faded glory, albeit this one was slightly modernized. But it still had a sweet Mag21 Ti mounted for front end suspension duties also painted to match, nice.

Fat City Cycles

Yo Eddy

I think it is appropriate that we are tucked away in a little corner of the festival, it fits the fact people are still getting know us and many still do not know we exist, I guess I have my work cut out for me. Given the overwhelming positive response here, it will be an enjoyable task to continue to build the brand.

Another observation I have made is that I am astonished how many people 'associated' with the bicycle industry smoke cigarettes... Well atleast here in Europe. I have seen people in their respective booths, riders and spectators smoking all around the festival grounds. For a healthy outdoor sport, if I were an unaware outsider looking in, I would have a poor view of the sport giving the lack of regard for one's own health.

Girl Smoking...

...Smoking Girls

The flip side is the top European rider's have always amazed me with their level of fitness and that also shows. Tanned, muscular legs on both the boys and gals rolled up and down the expo promonade, showing off tan lines of people with out day jobs or short trips to Mallorjca.

Yes, I would like something sweet...

Tomorrow is race day and extended hours for us, 9am to 10pm, I am curious what the day will bring...

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