Sunday, January 03, 2010


Another year, a new decade and we continue down the road where it leads no one knows. We had a great time during the holidays, some biking, some skiing and lots of playing. We try to tune Colin in to the European and American cultures and traditions which can be a challenge. But he takes it all in stride and does well with all of the activities and ongoings. He wished for a bike this year with no influence from me...but then again I am not surprised because that is what mommy and daddy do - a lot! But I have to admit there was a bit of pride when he would answer the all to often question "what did you wish for Christmas Colin?" An immediate, firm answer was "a bike." He got his wish, a Laufrad (walking bike) and he has been cruising our apartment since. Can't wait to get him outside this spring.

But I want to ride outside had a great year in 2009 and we are off to a great start in 2010. Lots of really cool bikes in the system right now and some sick builds happening around here. This Crown Jewel we are doing for Alek almost makes me want a road bike...almost. If I would, it would be something like this though for sure, absolutely gorgeous!

Alex's Crown Jewel


More details

Mmmm - paint

will be giving us a sweet espresso machine for events in 2010, we will use it at special dealer and larger events and festivals. We are getting the Linea which is a Barista's dream. Add to that we will have some of our own coffee roasted for us by Speicherstadt, we will have some great espresso and brews for IF fans this year!

Linea - a handmade, stainless steel work of art that happens to pull some of the best shots.

Final touches are going on our website and 2010 Team kit, we will be stylin' for sure this year!

Wish everyone the best in 2010, may it be a peaceful, prosperous and joyful one for all. See you on the trails!

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Fat Chance said...

Great cafe machine....mmmm....latte.