Monday, June 07, 2010

On the road

Here are some digital images from the weekend. Still on the road this week, scouting and doing some work on the XC course for our mountain bike race on the 01.08. Should be a great race and a sweet course. Adding some switchback to the climb on the backside of the course that forced most to walk - but hey it's mountain biking right? The Singletrail Parcours is shaping up very nicely, even saw a number of kids taking their bike up and down the trails while out for a ride yesterday with Sandi. Great to see the positive impact on young people and getting them out there riding, we need more of this in the world! Which BTW - we offer free entries to all of our youth riders! Get 'em hooked young.

Next stop, Willingen & the BIKE Festival. Hope to go have dinner with a friend from Gunni, Joe Staub one evening. Sandi will be lining up for the Marathon on Saturday.

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