Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Custom(er) Rides

Here are a few rides we have built for some customer that are getting pedaled around here in Germany:

First up the man Carsten Winkler and his Planet X single speed. Classic & yet stylish build. He is also our tattoo man, you can see his IF tattoo in our current catalog.

Another classy Planet X done up in Omaha Orange and White panels belongs to Martin Gilluck. Martin is one-half of the ertzui equations, those guys responsible for our oh so awesome Cyclocross flick.

Okay, so this is not a customer's bike, but happens to be my own (re)new(ed) spielzeug. 3 years and a few paint jobs (we keep freshening this one up for the shows) and she still looks great. Probably better than ever in Pink. The frame is a one-off Factory Lightweight steel Deluxe and the complete bike comes in at around 8kg. Grrrrrrrr......
 This is Joerg's Deluxe. It is bad ass. Nuff said.

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