Tuesday, April 05, 2011


One of the things I have always loved about racing, all forms of racing is line selection. The search for the perfect line. It is an experimentation that starts when reconing the course and continues through to polishing the lines out during the race. Each lap is cleaner than the last, you are faster and feel more on top of it. And when you have the course dialed, it is such an awesome feeling, flowing around the course with ease.

We were given a challenge this past weekend to build our short track on what seemed to be less than average facilities. Basti & I ended up putting together a really nice 3 min lap that had super tight turns, a couple dismounts, a difficult and tight maze through a stand of trees and topped off with a spiral thru some very loose gravel. So finding the fastest line was a process of trial and error. Already when warming up I was experimenting with the various lines, first inside then outside and trying all variations in between.

First and foremost I was proud to have been able to stoke people with the course we laid out, second I was amped to get to actually race it and ride with others trying to rally the ideal line. In my warm up I was able to pull the nose wheelie into the trees (which was the key of nailing the hairpin without dabbing), but was unable to do the same in the race. Next time. There was so much to enjoy on around the course, but the sweeping high speed corners were so sick. Full speed leaning the corners was a blast. It is amazing how fast you can take some of these corners.

Looking forward to more races and dialing in the perfect line this season.

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Ayasha Kieth said...

Wow.. from an old bike to a new bike.... I like it.. not all bike owners are re-assembling there bike, sometime if they don't like it they just put it beside and buy a new bike.

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