Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot Rodding your espresso machine

My good friend Jason over at ElCaminoFab has been at it again, but atleast he has the right tools to do the job. Customizing his double-shot portafilter, to a triple, bottomless one. Using only the finest machining tools that turns out some of his sweet ti and steel frames, Jason cleanly cut out the bottom, and then dropped in a triple shot basket, pretty trick. But where's the carbon fiber handle? According to Jason, and the catalogue, one can "taste the difference, and watch the coffee brew right from the bottom." provided me w/ one of the customized barista tools, but I am not convinced. It was more of a novelty than anything, I did not taste a difference, but it was pretty cool to watch. You can send yours to Jason for customizing, maybe some custom pinstripping around the outside to make it really standout, or throw down $59 @ for a pre-fab job.

Personally I would save your time and $$, and opt for a sweet tamper, maybe a barista instructional DVD, and buy the best espresso you can find, that will really make a difference in your shots.

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