Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Riding for Independence

Just a quick word on my training today. After talking coffee with a number of my clients (and potential clients) in the Roaring Fork Valley, I pulled my custom ti IF single speed cyclo-cross bike from the roof of my Cravens car, and mounted up for a ride out of Aspen to the top of Independence Pass. Starting off at 7908', I set out for my ride w/ the intent of climbing to the summit of the pass @ 12093' on my stout 44x17t gearing. Mile marker 42 lies on the edge of town heading east towards the pass, the air was fresh and clear, full of fresh summer scents as the afternoon light emitted a golden hue. Not alone, I passed several others both making the ascent and whizzing by in the the other lane enjoying the rewards of their climb.

The steep gradient forced me out of the saddle occassionaly, but for the most part I was able to keep the pedals turning in the saddle. Mindful of my heartrate, I kept it around my 75% range, and felt great. Slowly the snow started building around the edges of the road as my rise to the top continued. Early season tourists would glance at me while passing, and then would be taking pictures of the early summer panoramas. The tempurature was defintely dropping, and I had no jacket or extra clothing with me, and that was a little concering considering most of the riders coming down were wearing extra clothes. 1 hour 20 after leaving my car, I reached the town site of Independence, and kept going. I reached the final hairpin at 1:30 and decided to turn around there, as it was cold enough that not to press on. With the summit just a mile or so up the road, I dropped what took my an hour and half to climb in less than 30 minutes. It was worth every white knuckle, heart pounding corner and apex on the way down. Blasting back into Aspen, I spun around for awhile, and was beeming with the feeling not only of a great workout, but an awesome descent.

This weekend, Teva Games.

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