Friday, June 16, 2006

Race Report: Catching up

Here is a summary of my past few weeks of racing. 2 weeks ago went to the Teva Games, and things did not go so well for me there. Dry, dusty conditions coupled w/ heat, caused my asthma to flair up, and I dropped out on the first of four laps. It is frustrating since I was climbing strong, and had already pinned back many of the pro riders that over a minute headstart on our field, and was leading most of the way. But I have learned it best to stop in the scenarios, allowing myself a chance to recover for the next race, than push and do some damage to the lungs and be out for a long time.

For the same reasons at Nathrop, extreme heat and dryness, I did not take to the start, instead I fed Sandi and Colin ( during their races. It was a good fight for both, Sandi riding most of the time near the lead, looked strong, but the heat took its tool on her too, causing her to fade bad on the last half of a lap. Colin looked strong as well, riding in the lead for a bit, and eventually keeping Charlie Hayes in his sights for a great second place.

I have did a group roadride on my single ‘cross bike (44x16) which was freakin great! I was able to hang quite well in the group, coming back down HWY114, I was rapping it out around 140rpm’s occasionally, sticking close on the wheel of whomever was is front of me. As the pace lifted w/ 6 miles to go from home, I knew I would be out geared in a sprint for the town line, so I animated an attack on the first of two small rises, hoping someone would go w/. Trek rep Lester, jumped on my wheel, and we opened a nice gap that looked like it might work, but I pulled through too quick on the flats, pushing me into the red, and was unable to grab his wheel again. The group caught us, and spat us out. With Lester dangling just 50m up the road in front of me, that was all the motivation I needed to reel him back in. half-a-mile from town, I nailed him back, caught my breath and launched away from him to pick up and scraps of pride at the town line the front three might have left for us, there were still plenty of riders straggling in behind us.

Last night, I was able to jump out of my Cravens Coffee car, into some spandex, and ride out to Hartmans for the spring series. A TT was in order on some great Gunnison trails. Starting :30 sec behind Dave Weins, I had my work cut out. Off the line I felt pretty good considering the number of hours I had driven that day, and how many coffees I had during my barista training I had given after installing a sweet new Franke Evolution. Clarks in Aspen is steeping up with an espresso bar in their deli, and are using Dagoba Chocolate, Horizon milk and Silk soy, very nice program! Back at the race, I was holding Dave to a steady :30, not gaining or losing, but we both were gaining on the first two riders out of the chute, Jeff Irwin and Ben Preston. We hit a fast twisting singletrack, were it all came unraveled for me. Dumping my bike after washing out through a sandy corner, I was all sketched out after that, dabbing a few times along the way back to the finish. 33 min later I crossed the line, good enough for a 5th place. It was an OK showing for me, I had more, but kept it respectable considering my troubles.

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