Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hazed & Confused

Lets see, last week consisted of two days of riding in Fruita last weekend, a mtb ride here in Gunnison, skate skiing in CB, another ride in Fruita, snowboarding in Telluride, a run and it looks like snow as I sit here and write this. If variety is the spice of life then I am chowing down on a chilly-smoothered, Thai-tufo filled, Chipotle pepper, ina basil-feta cannoli. It is a mixed bag of activities right now.

Anyone catch Simoni's debut on the mountain bike (see picture). 5th at the Marathon World Cup opener, not bad for a small Italian roadie, and I thought Savaodelli was the one with riding skills... Is this the beginning of another wave of roadies coming over to the mtb scene? Probably not.

Looks like Tim jumped ship turning in his green colors for those of Fischer, what the hell are their colors anyway? Wonder if this is just a move for mountain bikes or something more permanent. Hopefully this means we will see him at some races this year.


Shawn said...

Hey Ken - apropos of nothing relevant on your blog, just looked you up on google after talking to a couple of the old 413th in K-town guys. Good to see that you're living the dream. Congrats.

Shawn Otten

34x18 said...

That is so halarious, because I thought of Googling your name to see what you have been up to, dop me an email,