Monday, April 02, 2007


Sandi & I headed out to Moab for the weekend for Myia & Mike's wedding, which was at the beautiful Rad Canyon Lodge & Vineyards along the Colorado River just east of Moab. The wedding was very nice, it was great to be in such a relaxing setting for a special occassion, and had a lot of fun talking with everyone, eating some tasty food, and of course bruched up on some dance moves. We had a quaint and cosy cabin we shared with some friends, and we could hear the water rushing over the rapids just a few meters from our balcony.

The next day after a filling brunch, Sandi & I venured into Arches and did an hour 45 min trail run on one of the longer loops, we called it sprint-site seeing. And with camera in hand, ran to all of the arches on the trail and branches off the loop. There were some great viewpoints, obstacles and trails to run on, although I believe the other tourists thought we were nuts...

My new steel IF geared bike is about finished, and I will have some bike porn up on it soon.


Barl E. Popp said...

Ken, glad to see you are well and living it up. Like others, I looked you up on google to see what you've been up to. I hope to get back on the SS race circuit in 2008, though I doubt we'll battle like we did in 2004, you've really accelerated. I'm getting older fast, instead of getting faster. Cool posts on the blog, good luck this year. CW

34x18 said...

Those were some great races, won't forget them - just like wine you get better with age... Actually I hope to be doing some more geared races this season. Thanks, hope to see you around.