Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Something happened to me on the wat to...

I have been in a toxic haze since the replaced my transmission. After a follow up visit to the dealer, they said it was some anitfreeze leaking onto the engine, my headache and continued lung burning would beg to differ.

To get some fresh air and purge the toxins out of my system, I stopped in Carbondale in my lethargic state, and forced my self out on the bike. Moisture in the air and on the trails lifted my spiirts as I rolled out south of town.

Oh, whats this? A singletrack, I remebr the one I have ridden on a couple of occasions further up the road, lets check it out. Nice, swoopy ribbon, peppered with rocks and roots. Smooth, nice flow, I am getting into this. Hey what the... a car? With a bridge/ ladder over it, sweet!

And whats this, a bermed out drainage? Cool! Man you can haul the mail on this thing. Nice climb out, check out the Lupines in full bloom, and those view back over the green valley, with the contrast of the white and grey clouds. Man what a nice day. Check out this nice grade, I bet it contours back around the mountain back to the road. The trail is so fast and tacky, this is so nice. Yep, here is the road, so if I go up I can catch that other singletrack. This is a bit more sloppy, but great for my Euro-style mtbing and 'cross training. Hey Mr. Cow, wait, Ms. Cow, I mistaked you for an-utter.

There's my entrance. Sick, yep I remember this. Whoa, watch it, its a little greasy here in the shade. Man I love these rollers. That was sick, I wonder if I can hit that single track I climbed up rather than rolling back down the road, yep, there it is.

Hell yeah, over the car! Mazn who ever built this trail 1) loves to ride, 2) knows this area very well, and 3) knows trail building. This has so much flow, and ducking under and through these tress, woo-hoo!!!

Man that was great, 135 average HR and 1:57 riding time, sweet!

Maybe it is my auto emmissions induced haze, or that was a sweet ride, either way I will be back for sure!


Colin said...

yep. me and kris hit those trails up last year and had a blast. your name even came up during the ride as Tyler said he was with you last time you rode those trails...I think he said that at least...feeling burnt out today.

you would have liked Angel Fire this year. some AZ kid took off from the start and didn't look back. me and Kris just kind of farted around the course having a good time.

come on out to the hill climb next week and shred it!

Colin Osborn said...

Its good stuff. Thanks for the taste test a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed the coffee, hopefully I can get Nelson to come around. Hoep to see you soon.