Monday, July 09, 2007


my sweet new IF @ FTBW

I am consumed - consumed w/ starting new, a baby, a business and racing. having missed out on the first half of the season - or so it seems, I have rededicated myself to the challenge of getting fast again. it all came to a head yesterday on a ride where I peeled the layers and through proclamation realized my desire, desire to ride fast.

my baby is already strong, not yet showing his cards to world from in the womb, he moves about with purpose and I have felt him many times. it is a amazing, I can't wait to meet this guy.

check out:

ride fast.


Colin Osborn said...

Hey Ken. Hope all went well with Nelson. I would like to talk about next year sometime if possible, give me a call or send me and email. Thanks again -co

Rocco said...

yes very sweet indeed mr Ken. too many gears though.

Rocco said...

hey wait a second, whats this crazy guy stuff all about?