Saturday, September 01, 2007


my coach racing last year

Long time ago, when I was just getting hardcore into snowboarding back in the midwest, someone once said to me, "It is good to keep your hobbies and passions separate from your spouse, that you should have different interests." Meaning this guy liked to get away from his wife and hang with the 'bros'. We on the other hand (Sandi & I) have always enjoyed sharing our passions for the outdoors, adventure sports and more so, cycling.

Sandi was a top 800m runner in Germany when we met, and actually our first date was a mountain bike ride. Since then, we have progressed in cycling together, and all along Sandi has been my un-official coach. She would layout my training weeks for me and has been good for feedback on how I am feeling and progressing. She does a lot of studying and knows not only a lot about training methods and physiology, but also nutrition and holistic healing practices.

Today she was a great coach once again, after a fast warm-up lap and 4 race=pace laps, I was ready to pack it in, but she insisted I pull one more lap, having cheered me on each lap, shadowing me around the Western State campus course. With her motivation behind me, I not only pulled one more lap, but my strongest and fastest, despite a late accident that tore my knee open.

Thanks Sandi.

Total AVG 142 1hr 42 min

lap 1: 8:14 MAX180 AVG 167
lap 2: 7:30 (short course) MAX182 AVG171
lap 3: 7:56 MAX182 AVG 169
lap 4: 7:51 MAX182 AVG 170
lap 5: 7:43 MAX178 AVG 171

note: this is on the same course (with the exception of lap 2) that will be used for both the ACA Oct 13 and UCI Nov 10 races.

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