Saturday, September 22, 2007


The future is bright.
It is like I awoke form a 9-month nap and now I am in hyperdrive. Colin Joel Blomer is to save my soul, my little bear. 7lbs 13oz, which since he is feeding so well (does he know something about the coming winter I don't?) he has blown past his birth wieght. Training, work and life has become much more complex, yet rewarding.


Rocco said...

good job Ken!
he's almost as heavy as my cat.
and my cat's 3!
see u at the races

kopko said...

Congrats Ken,

can't wait to see this guy rippin around on a bike or someting someday.

Daisuke said...

omedeto! (that's congrats in Jap)
Mine is already 19mo old...time flies, make sure you absorb it all, and don't forget to keep going to races with him.
Now, my daughter absolutely loves going to races, even to blizzard cross races. Kids have totally different sense of temperature, I guess.