Saturday, December 15, 2007


My dad told me never to bet on something that wasn't a sure thing. With that advice in hand, I would not lay down any bets on the two Elite CX titles up for grabs. This especially so on the men's side where it is anyone's title. Jonathan Page's lack luster season has to have the experts second guessing which Page will show up in Kansas. Trebon has shown some great speed this season, but also has had some bad races, KC may prove to be too technical for TreeFarm. Johnson and Powers have had some strong surprise rides, with Johnson showing he can beat the best regardless of the conditions or course. This could be his year to add another National title to match his Junior title, again taking one away from Page. Powers is the future of racing, but needs to back up his USGP win to take things to the next step, KC could be that race. Others wild cards include Wicks and Wells, both have won this season, and could easily play the spoiler.

In the women's field, it is a two horse race between Compton and Gould. Most would write off Gould with Compton a shoe-in, but Gould has built her speed and power over the season. Compton is the only US rider to have won a World Cup, but Gould is the only US rider to have beaten Compton (twice).

I am not placing bets, but I will go out on limb with some predictions:


1) Johnson
2) Trebon
3) Page


1) Gould
2) Compton

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