Thursday, December 20, 2007


Colin has done it all, yesterday he did a 2 hour ski up at the CB Nordic center. He took in the views, and watched through his little window as I charged the hills. I could almost hear the 3 month old say, "faster papa" on the descents. He loved it. We took in part of the Jeep King of the Mountain in TRide, watching Palmer take on all comers. I used to live for riding sideways and going big, today I think I will tele.

Pics of next season are in my mind, lacing up black carbon beauties on fresh KING hubs, DT spokes tie them together. Visions of bar-to-bar single geared action float above in my sleep. Training is in full effect. A new friend has let themselves be know, another single track mind just 10k from where we will be in a weeek or so, they are still riding there.

Looking for gravities gentle tug, like a form of affection or validation, enjoying the last few days of winter here in CO.


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phaty said...

Well Ken, I am just back from a (dog walking) trip to the Pfälzer Wald and I have to say it was damn cold there today - to our standards! But yes you better take a few pictures of snow as you won't get to see too much of that in the near future!
I told the Gäsbock-Bikers about you (they don't call me phaty for nothing I won't go riding with you too soon!). You can find a few pictures of their trip today here.
We are ready when ever you are. You move 10k from the hotbed of German Singlespeeding ... life will never be the same!