Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hops, Wurst & Eingang

One of the pleasures of taking a title like a national championship is that for the following season everytime you line up at a race, you get to wear your nations colors. But what if you were able to wear the forever???

The 2008 German Single Speed Championships are offering the title for good, as it is being promoted as the last one. Two weeks down the road on the 3rd of May the last ever German Singlespeed Championships will take place in Haselbach/Rhön (Haselbach, Bischofsheim an der Rhön).

In an email from Phaty, one of the events founders and webmaster for the Eingang forum wrote:

"For years and years we try to burry this event by running it in The Netherlands or on a 1k lap in Nürnberg, giving the title away in a drawing and not to forget last years event that included a 2k Le-Mans-Run to your bike followed by a 300 Meter (that is 900 ft. or so) downhill to the finish line ... and that was it!

This year we decided give it in the hands of some real XC riders who are all members of the SRAM Factory Racing Team from Schweinfurt. They make sure you get a real Mountain Bike race not some kind of a "Christopher Street Day meets Oktoberfest" Event
Entry fee is like 5€ plus maybe a donation for the local band - I heard they suck! I love it ...

There is no flyer, website, timetable and sure enough there is no sponsor - just pack your stuff drive there, race fast and win ... can't be that hard - really ... !
It is your last chance to win this prestigious title, it will stick with you for ever!"

Sandi & I are hitting this event for sure, it will be sweet to meet up with some disgruntled German MTB'er and have a shot at an eternal title. If you can read German, go to:


weasel said...

damn, if i wasnt heading back to the uk for the ssuk then id love to go to this! anyone fancy a ss race near Madrid?....


I'd love to do this race in June, July or early August. Why the first weekend in May or in May with so many other events going on? Damn! Oh well... win one for the team.