Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Man & Me.

Went out for my evening MTB Technique Riding Clinic that I am doing through Der Laufladen last evening with Paul & Wolker. They are 55 and 58 years young respectively, and are doing the TransGermany in the 110years old combined class. A life time of rnning has taken a toll on their bones, so they have turned to mtbing, specifically doing marathons for their active endeavors. It was a lot of fun to show them some skills, we are going to do a weekend clinic with them when I get from the states. They say they lose all of their time on the technical sections, but I am sure they will get that dialed in, i saw an improvement last night, not too mention they had some fun.

Sandi showing the boys how it is done.

We did a clinic last weekend with another group, which was also a good time. Everyone picked up some valuable skills and we rode some great singletrails. This weekend is the German Single Speed Meisterschaft, Sandi & I are as ready as we can be with all of the stuff (life) going on around us. We are not where we used to be racing wise, not that it matters. We ust want to be somewhat competitive and have some fun. Rode with Colin in the Chariot on Monday, that was fun. I found sweet sandy-smooth forest road I took the 'cross bike down. It was good for Colin and it didn't shake him around like a cement mixer.

I miss the pump track, I am trying to get the town here to let me build one. Then maybe a mtb park...

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