Monday, May 26, 2008

six or nein

Racing is in full swing, riders have logged many race miles by now and the cream has been rising to the top. Favorites are starting to be tipped for the 'Games', for what is sure to be a fast, road-dirt mountain bike crit in the land of the Great Wall. While to pick a woman might be a bit foolish, on the men's side a clear favorite is bit safer. Absalon has run the table on the World Cup and has been equally dominate in other races.

Simply the best.

But Absalon might just bring his own element of suprise. Sources close to the World Champ say that he is considering running a 29er setup for the Olympics. He has been testing a custom carbon 29er from Orbea, and has requested some custom Tubeless tires from Hutchinson.

Rumors have been abound for several riders allegedly pursuing the use of a 29er for the big showdown this year, especially considering if there were ever a course to favor the bigger wheel, this will be it. But if Absalon were to mount a 29er, then maybe even the locked traditionalist gates of the European mountain bike scene might be cracked for an influx of bigger wheeled bikes.


Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Are you becoming a 29er convert?

Ken Bloomer said...

no, just soul searching. while I see the benefits of a 29er, I still prefer a 26ers quicker handling, snappier ride and faster acceleration. with that said, the smoother ride, more comfort and better stability make a 29er a great second or third bike choice than say a full suspension, for me anyways.

it is just interesting to see who else is playing with it, especially here in europe where magazine and the public at large don't give it (29ers) any merit.