Sunday, May 18, 2008

US Road Trippin

Back in the US for two weeks, Colin, Sandi & I have been doing a road trip through Colorado and Utah visiting friends & family. The remnants of an epic winter were abound, and made us realize how big this past season really was. I was even tempted to throw on some skis and make my way up CB, how they will have the Wildflower Rush is beyond me. It will take a series of very warm days to melt off the large remainder of 400+ inches.

After experiencing the lingering winter in Gunnison, we headed to Telluride to visit our good friends Mike & Soph. I took mike's 29er for a spin w/ he & Soph up to a mine above Rico. Snow kept us low and off any trails. After a couple days of indulging in their hospitality, we drove on to Moab for some camping and more riding. We had picked up some nasty crud during our travels, and it kept us feeling a little ill.

our first night in Moab was a wash, literally. A heavy downpour flooded our tent, which we abandoned for a motel room at the Bowen. The next day we returned with a rental mtb, a 30lbs piece of junk, that only Sandi rode as I was still reeling from my cold. She did the tourist thing and rode Slickrock, which was straight out of our campground.

Then it was onto Fruita, where Over the Edge set us up with a much better bike, the Ibis Mojo. I have always wanted to ride this bike, so I rode it out from the shop to our new home on 18 road. Prime Cut, Joe's Ridge and a few other buff singletracks where on order for our two days in the GJ area. Popped by DT Swiss to see my guys Paul and Kenny, Paul was in the house while Kenny was somewhere between Jamica and Mallorca, living the dream.

Colin has been awesome on this trip, he is so easy to travel with, and puts a smile on every one he meets (and sometimes his weary parents). He loved staying the cabins, playing the bunkbeads, and also rolling around in the tent. It is so fun to share all of this with him and to see how he reacts. It will be fun sharing so many more experiences with him in the future!

One day left and it is back to Germany, riding clinics and our first event for IF!


weasel said...

i hope you're startin to warm to 29ers now.....:D


So... are you going to make it to the ESSC in Massa, Italy this weekend?

Ken Bloomer said...

yes and no. yes, i'm warming to 29ers, so much so one is being built, stay tuned..

no essc for me, as we are giving a riding clinic this weekend - but have fun!