Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo Dump

Riding a single speed is such a refreshing, pure experience. Rarely do you feel like you have the 'wrong' gear, and more than not, you actually can ride more efficiently without added mechanical advantage. With a freshly mounted set of Dugasts, some strong legs, my brother in-law was in for a tough ride.

The ground was still fairly frozen, making for a frim and tacky ride, 25lbs in the front and rear tubulars made for superelative traction. Feeling punchy, the climbs were gobbled up with small accelerations, and the descents went by in a blur. as the ride wore on, the ground began to soften, and in areas exposed the solar gain, where sloppy mud bogs, splattering both bike and rider full of mud.

Each acceleration from the one was met with counter-resistance from the other, and with the passing of each surge, it came clearer that my 'schwager' wasn't able to hang on. It did not matter who was stronger that day, we both had good digs at the other, but in the end, we enjoyed the other's company and more so that extra push on a great ride.

Here are some pics of my dressed up single speed following the mud-bath:

Keeping it simple

The best bike I have ever owned

A combination made in heaven

A customers Ti Planet X we are building up


badger dave said...

you realise you have the wrong size wheels on there? ;)

Ken Bloomer said...

yep, but wait, there's more coming...