Thursday, January 22, 2009

And now the forecast...

The wheels are spinning

Almost a month in 2009 and my go-to blogs and online journals are a buzz with plans, resolutions and to-do for the last year in the first decade of the new millennium. There are some really cool events out there to consider, one that stands out to me is the Single Speed Worlds in Durango. Having ridden many of those trails, been a force in the Colorado single speed myself, it would be something that is a no-brainer, but life keeps me in check. A trip this spring back to the high-altitude Colorado desert with fam and my 29er would also satisfy my appetite for primetime singletrack (ie Cortez, Fruita, Eagle and Carbondale all make the list).

Another event on our list if the Bike Festival at the Gardasee. For it is a great consumer event, and for Sandi at least, a cool marathon. The EHBS is another must for us, we will be showing off the delicious line-up of ferrous and not-so ferrous IF-creations from Sommerville, MA. Topped off with a night ride on Saturday eve in cooperation with Waridi Sport Lights. We will also be showing a Limited edition IF bike, only 20, so get you credit card warmed up and stay tuned for more details…


I haven’t, go check out IF’s Japanese frontman and Rapha stewart, Dice-K's Flickr page. His booth for the Japan show was the absolute best I have seen and is what we want to become. The bikes he had on hand, where nothing short of stunning and beautiful. Dice-K has long been a fixture in the cycling industry, beating the pavement for companies like Cateye before doing it for himself as the IF and Rapha rep in the land of the rising sun.

Dice-K's stand w/ a sweet track bike

Besides the above mentioned events, we are looking to open a showroom in a soon to be named location, and continue to build the brand. We have our eyes on several of races and consumer events, and are courting a couple of new companies to fill out our product offering. The website is slowly getting a makeover, and we will also be updating the site for our two race events we are organizing, a Hochspeyer MTB race June 14th as part of the Saar-Pfalz Cup and our second annual Hochwald Milchideen Crossduathlon.

2009 looks to be a promising year despite the gloomy economic forecast and other world issues, but I think things will be just fine – think positive!


Mike Guskea said...

Oh Yeah Brother,
Gotta stay positive! Let all those negative dickwads lick on my ballsack! We are 95 percent out of this recession! Bring the next one on!!! Pet lil Cdog on the head for me and tell wifey i said yo! Guskea, out! Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, just set up an espresso machine down in town. Also, did you suggest you will be here this spring?

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