Friday, April 10, 2009


Ahhh... to be 29 again!

Tomorrow is it, the beginning of my last year in my thirties. No crisis or anything, just another decade passing. I guess you could say I lived the lives of two 20 year olds, and in many ways I feel that my life has been much more.

Looking back over my life during my second stay in Europe, I have been blessed to have seen, experienced and accomplished so much. Yet I feel like life has not got the better of me. Besides a bike fetish, I live a fairly simple life with Sandi and Colin. We take pleasure in the day to day routines and pleasure, I love a good cup of Joe or a good beer, we take advantage of being outside and have been surrounded by some amazing people.

Anyone who knows me knows a love a good conversation over some 'slow-food', and a good wine. I love to hear and tell stories, philosophize about life, politics and other mind bending topics. I am not looking for nor do I need absolutes, I can live with abstract and uncertainty. Maybe that is why I walked away from a $40k+ job with security for a scrimping, nail biting year (and we are not out of the woods yet, but things are looking much better!) of starting my own business in a foreign land with many challenges and pitfalls.

Colin shows me the world through eyes that are a distant vague childhood memory, but he shows me the important things in life. Sandi keeps me in check, and showers me with more affection than I deserve sometimes. She really is my counterbalance in life.

Sometimes I get off track, but the way always seems to find me again. Who knows how long I will be around for the ride, it doesn't matter. i will always try to milk the most out of each moment, enjoying those and the world around me.

Here is to the next 40 and whatever life will throw at us!


devin said...

Good luck,, If your 40's are anything like your 30's you are only going to be faster.

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Nice writing KB- and while I am entering my later 30's, I seem to get the impression from those with a few years more on me, that it only seems to get better.

All the best.