Sunday, April 05, 2009

Think fast

Wiesmann GT MF5

When the opportunity came to do a limited series of bikes for a small handmade car manufacture, it did not take us long to say yes. Wiesmann is a little manufacture here in Germany that turns our beautiful retro-looking, but technologically advanced street and race cars. Built on the BMW chassis and engines, Wiesmann handmakes the rest. For our project, we built a super sweet SSR to match their MF3 Roadster, a 300+hp convertible that somewhat resembles the old English roadsters of the 50-60's. The bike built up super sweet, complete with Campy Super Record 11, carbon Sports Ventoux wheels, EDGE 1.0 fork and a sweet silver Gecko headbadge to match the Wiesmann carbadge.

Wiesmann display

We had a new display built for the upcoming European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition, and put it to use for the Wiesmann Fruehlingfest, an open door event for the public to come and see their stunning creations. It is also an opportunity for those lucky enough to test drive a possible new car. Being that we are working together, I had the pleasure of driving the MF3 we used, but also the supercar, the GT MF5, a 500+hp beast that would blow most other cars off the road, and motorcylces can just forget it. Surrounding Duehlem, home to Wiesmann was a spiderweb of back roads perfect for stretching out the legs of these German muscle cars. Admitingly nervous, I climbed behind the wheel of a bright yellow MF5. My 'co-pilot' gave me a quick lesson on all of the controls and provided me with all the tech data as we rolled out of the parking lot. It was amazing as onlookers quickly turned to catch a glimps of the car growling along which raised to a roar as I layed my foot into the throttle.

Once clear of the city limits I shut of the automatic mode and took over shifting duty via paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Then I really layed into it... Now I know what a shuttle launch must feel like, as we quickly ate up the country side kilometers. Then I did what I have always wanted to do while driving my minivan back in the states and a Porsche or other sports car passed me like nothing. We over took several cars with out even shifting out of second and quickly topping out at a cool 150km, sick! Craddled in the tight confines of the GT5 cockpit, we sat super low to the road and the view was inhibited by the bulging fenders and ginormous hood, but you felt impervious in some way. I still had tons of respect for this car, being that it had way more power than I had ever driven before, and I did not want to be the 'one' to do anything to it. Granted I only scratched the surface of what this car could really do, but it was still a huge thrill to drive a super car.

Limited edition Wiesmann Roadster SSR

I bikes were more than well accepted at the event, and we drew a lot of interest despite being in the presence of show stopping automobiles. The year for is off to a great start as we have been taking orders, I have been doing many fittings and we have several riding clinics booked. We will have some more demo bikes soon and are moving to Hopfen am See in Bayern.

My new 29er is quickly becoming one of my top rides, but we will save that for the next blog...

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