Friday, February 19, 2010

Hitting Reset

Sometimes we just need to stop and listen. After an eye infection, the flu and two surgeries to remove an infected Bursa on my left hip (Bursaitis) stemming from a road crash back in December, I am forced to stop and listen. Outside of these circumstances, a friend of mine has been encouraging me to engage in Yoga, something I used to practice religiously and while laid up in the hospital bed, Sandi dropped of a Thich Nat Than book "The Miracle of Mindefullness". I had to listen to what was being said.

Rather than being bummed about a derailed season of nordic skiing and what was to be an awesome build up to the riding season, I am stoked that I have found my way back to center. Instead of daily rituals of LT's, Tempo skis and high-rev spin classes I find myself limping around our place, settling into deep breathing exercises, internal meditation and beginning the slow process of healing (in more ways than one). Yoga will certainly be a centerpiece as I lay a new, yet stronger foundation.

Even with races in April already looming, I am strong in my confidence to be ready and even stronger than I might have been with out the train going off the tracks. I'm listening, are you?

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