Friday, February 12, 2010

Pulling Shots

Having worked in the specialty coffee industry for a number of years and being an all-around java junkie, it has been a long tedious journey to find coffee bliss in Germany. With other words I have had coffee dry spells with short bursts of decent coffee in between. The short oasis' have either been a couple kilos I drag back from the states or care packages from friends.

Fortunately things on looking up on the caffeine front. Armed with a new La Marzocco G3 (this ain't your average machine kids - you could run a full-blown cafe with one of these) and having finally sourced some yummy beans from small roasters here in the fatherland, I can honestly say we are pulling some shots that would rival many North West espresso locations. The best part is just that, the espresso that we are brewing is much like NW espresso, 100% Aribica beans, none of that Robusta crap, with some excellent sustainable growth old strain varietals blended to form complex and yet delicate blends that remind me of the good ol' cafe days.

Having been tinkering in the kitchen with several blends, we have come up with a few we like and will be offering these blends soon via our new online shop and directly at events this year. Not too mention if you make it over for a visit, come in for a bike fitting or just go on a ride here in Fuessen, you will be sure to enjoy a sot of espresso, an Americano or whatever drink you fancy. The barista is on duty, so what can we serve you?

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