Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick & Dirty

Threatening weather chased me into Leipzig while on my way to our second Feld Test with the BDO crew. Leipzig left a remarkable impression on me from my last visit so I was eager to go back and see the city and some of the people who I know there. Plus this was sort of a prelude to the Critical Dirt coming this summer, so there was lots of business to tend to.

Promptly stretching legs after five hours of road time, we rolled our demo fleet into the shop for a little preview of the rides we brought along for demoing. Guys and gals in the shop flocked around and we all geeked out on bikes for a while. Beer :30 came and went, and GRover and myself were off for a rendezvous with Basti und Colonel Decker and a fin little local establishment with tasty beverages and tappas.

One of the things I love about Leipzig are its buildings around town, possessing a nobel architecture and civility about them, even though some are run down and are in long need of renovations. Something I did not notice during my last visit were the massive granite slabs, each about 40 - 70 cm wide and at least 10-15 cm thick, that make up the sidewalks around town. A testament to past wealth much like the buildings.

Leipzig seems to be on the cusp of a renaissance, young and talented people are in abundance here despite what one would consider a lack of opportunity. But they are patriotic to their city and are carving their paths to the future. I think that is a reason why I feel such a positive energy emitting from this place located off in the far eastern reached of Germany, that was once in the cold grasps of the former Eastern Block and a silent war.

While the weather did not play along, it did not temper participants enthusiasm and both demo days went off superbly. Our IF rides were fully booked and we saw many a happy rider come back with ear to ear smiles. No words are necessary to communicate what they feel.

My visit was all too short, but still it was filled with great exchanges between a growing list of people whom I grown close to and admire. Quick and dirty as Gerolf put it, that is how I like it. But next time we will has to slow it down a little to uncover more of what one of my favorite cities has to offer.

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b.asti said...

Slowing down may be a better idea for the next but one time ;-)
PS: I can see the city I´m still in love with in your writing. Good one.