Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fresh rides: His & Hers Ti Deluxes

Here are a couple of Ti Deluxe builds we just finished up for a couple, Andre & Melanie. Andre needed a big bike while Melanie needed something more petite, of course IF was able to fit  both of their needs.

These were custom builds from top to bottom. Custom KING/ EDGE wheels for both, 29 for Andre and 26 for Melanie. Andre went XX while Melanie went XO, both came out looking stunning!

Each had custom paint with Melanie's a combo of Ruby red and White while we did a custom Mango with Black for Andre.

The two (and Lucy) took me on some of their sweet local single track for the first ride where we dialed everything in for them. They loved their bikes and saw instant improvement in their riding because of it. I also handed them some riding skills along the way, and booked them in for a riding clinic later this spring.

If you happen to live around Bad Kreuznach, you might just get a glimps of one of these beauties charging down the local trails. Thanks guys, enjoy the ride!

more pics here


devin said...

Big fan....Really like the white and red

badger dave said...

One day I'll own an indy fab, one day....

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