Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Funny how a long weekend and land you quickly in the middle of he next week scrambling for a gasp of air all the while trying to catch up with things that have piled up in your absence. Gardasee is the official opening of the bike season over here and felt great to tank up some sun and warmth down in Italy. What was nicer was having a sweet setup down there, sharing a booth with Biciclista and having the Italian Single Speed Mafia around.

Stefano brought up his beautiful VW bus and displayed his wears. We had a true Italian street cafe going with our LaMarzocco pumping out the best cup of joe on the show while onlookers got a closer look at our nearly dedicated display of 29er bikes and frames if weren't for Sandi's Ti Deluxe bearing 26" wheels...

David, Jochen, Sandi, Stefano and honorary team member Joachim made for a strong team presence, even only if Sandi, David & Joachim were the only ones to actually race. Joachim took our ti 29er not only for a test ride around the block, but did the marathon on it, and did quite well. You can read more over on his blog.

Despite having 3 days of exhibition, this year I actually managed to get a little riding in, and even hit some long searched for single track thanks to Mario who pointed the way. It had been a while since I have had the pleasure of blasting down trails like that, and I had some serious perma-grin going on!

We have more pics from the weekend here and here. Now for a quick gasp of air and it is EHBE in a couple of weeks!

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