Friday, April 28, 2006

Fruita Fat Tire Festival

Getting the machine ready for service.

After getting everything setup this morning, they slowly started rolling in, and soon the The Backdoor Coffeebar in the rear of Over the Edge Sports became the place to meet for the first offical day of riding at the 2006 Fruita fat Tire Festival. The first party the night before, put on by DT Swiss had many heads hanging, but I was ready to put some pep into their step with a our great new Rwandan espresso blend. It was easy to dial in the Astoria, and soon I was pulling great shots. Using Horizon milk and half& half, that they provided for our demo, I put out varous drinks to the weary as they gathered to go out on rides. Many faces I did not know, but also many I did. A couple came in that now live in Nederland, but once resided in Gunnison and were Mochas regulars, recognized the Cravens cups, and eventually me as well from my days as a barista there.

I set up the who's who of the cycling industry, to include Scott Nicol of Ibis, Jason Grove of El Camino, Chopper from Smith and one very thankful Andy Hampsted, former Giro d Italia winner. Andy said it was the best americano he has had in some time, high praise from a man whom spent most of his professional career in Europe. Everyone was stoked on the coffee, and I really enjoyed serving everyone and starting their day off right. Many came back for another free cup of those sweet, rusty-golden brown shots. Man, it was magical.

After my time behind the bar, and a few coffees myself, my friend Kevin and I hit the trails as well. We opted for the Zion Curtain loop off of the Rabbit Valley exit, and that was some sweet single track that just did not end! No wonder this is the mountain bike mecca! It was a pretty sick loop featuring quick snappy, bermed turns, whoops, jumps, white knucle descents, and ear-to-ear smiles all around.

After tanking up with some of the best authentic Mexican cusine, it was back to Gunnison, where a freak spring storm greeted us with a dashing of snow.

Ah, but it was all worth it.

Looking out over Rabbit Valley


David Blaine said...

It seems that the best place to rub shoulders with the big boys of cycling is in line for some coffee before a race. Andy Hampsten knows food. his full time residence in Italy bottles it's own olive oil. That must be some good joe.

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