Saturday, April 22, 2006


Recently, I put XM into my car, mainly because I loggged 40k miles last year for work, and my CD's tend to take a beating getting sheffled around. And I want to say I love it! More channels than you can imagine, and better than that, really good wones.

Meet Fred. If you are an eighties child like me, and grew up on early eighties groups like the Clash, X, Berlin, along with the mid-eighties Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, New Order and late eighties U2, REM, B-52's and Sugar Cubes (now I realize a lot of the groups mentioned here spanned the entire eighties, and some of the best stuff was earlier on - no debate here, but you get the point), then meet Fred. The play great tracks I have not heard in a long time, taking me back to homeroom, and skipping class. Jumping off the cliffs down at the quary and later partying at my friends house which was always blasting these great tunes. Actually I went to school with Jason McCartney (Discovery Channel rider) during this time, we both got into snowboarding about the same time, and I saved his ass from a real ass kicking during Steamboat Days in downtown Burlington. Ahh, those were the days...

Jason getting it done on Brastown Bald Photo: Casey Gibson, Courtesy of

But like anything, only in moderation, so when I have had enough of Fred, I check in with Lucy or Ethel, two similar alternative rock stations throwing down the classics and some more modern tunes. Everything from Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, Nirvana to 311, Blink 182 and so on.

While living in Europe I grew to love electronica, House, Progressive, Trance, Acid Jazz, you name it. One of my close friends spun, and produced music, DJ Nikman, and that taught me to really appreciate livesets. XM Chill, the Move, BPM, and Progressive not only throw on some of the best beats going, but have great livesets from likes of Frankie Knuckles, louie Vega and my favorite DJ right now, Armin van Buuren ( pretty sick stuff.

there are plenty of other station to check out that I have failed to mention, but w/ my job, I will definitly find the time. As for my CD's? Well the may be getting a break for now, and I do occassionaly thow them in the mix. Besides, I am finding new music that will have to be added to my library.