Thursday, April 27, 2006

David Blaine is an awesome chef, having personally had the pleasure of meeting him and dining at the Latah Bistro late last fall, the food is great. David is a fellow cyclists, chocolate & coffee lover and obviously a conscientious individual. Check out is his Blog, he offers up some great receipes and thoughts. He has a Coffee Conscious Quiz up right now about coffees, and how make purchasing decisions, below I have cut and pasted his quiz for you to take as I would love to hear your thoughts...

Which local coffee roasters source their beans directly from the plantations?

Does it matter if the beans are sourced directly or purchased through distributors on the open market?

Are you willing to pay more for Organic or Shade Grown when buying a coffee drink in a restaurant or drive-through?

Do you choose where to get coffee by the brand of beans they use?

Is the Barista more important than the beans?

Do you purchase more coffee at inside counters or at drive-thrus?

Simon Craven cupping at the source

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