Thursday, November 02, 2006

Euros & Massages

If you haven't checked out the coverage on the Koppenberg Cyclo-Cross, typ in or after reading my post for some great reports and photos. Having raced mtb's in that region, my heart bleeds to have been there, it looks like it was an awesome venue and race! That is one thing I miss over here, the slimy, muddy technical course of Europe, sure we get them once and a while, and those have been my favorite races - I am think Mt Saint Anne this year... Yummy. The bonus at this cross race was they rode up the same climb as in the spring classic, how cool is that!?!

Had a massage this week, slowed up my legs though, they are great for recovery, but I always feel so sluggish for a few days following, I hope that I have blown my legs back open for this weekends USGP's in the front range. If my form means anything, I am looking for some solid results, trying to get my single speed up on the podium, but I am sure there are quite a few other riders with the same idea. Damn, wish I had one of those Euro courses right now...

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