Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blowin Snow

In full stride last season.
Work had me out in the elements the past few days, including a nailbiter of a drive over Monarch & Tennessee passes. Yup, lots o' white stuff and a top of Monarch were a lucky few who were hiking up for some fresh turns. Me? After my coffee obligations were met, I unloaded my new SLab Salomon gear for the first time, and hit the Grand Mesa for an hours worht of skate skiing, just to get my legs under me. Skaet skiing at the beginning of each season is a lot like first single speeding, it hurts! But once you get going, you can't stop, my little training secret for killing it on the single speed. Speaking of which, sounds like Trave Brown is going to do the Birkenbeiner this year, pretty cool.

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