Monday, November 13, 2006

Soy Your Oats Cookies & Stroopwaffles

I am addicted to Bread, I don't particularly mean the food, but really I am talking about Bread Bakery in Durango. Rob & Jeffy, along with their loveable team down there crank out some of the best baked goods I have ever had, and that is coming from someone who has resided in Europe. So my breakfast (for that matter lunch, dinner and snacks for the drive home) was pretty much decided once I choose to take part in the FLC Squawker Colorado CX Champs on Fort Lewis.

The FLC race was held directly on campus, twisting and turning through campus, which made my single speed a lot of fun with all of the accelerations. The course was similar to our CX race on Western State, but with less elevation change. The day of the race, was a beautiful cool, almost cold autumn day. Karl Keister made the trip, and I thought we would have ourselves a good fight for the Colorado 35+ title, along with a few other gents whom might be interested, including retired pro Frank Maple. Well my race ended before it began, seems my motto in 2006, while doing one last hot lap prior to the start, I tagged one of the many edges on the numerous sidewalk crossings, blowing my rear out. Being the good scout that I am, there was no spare wheel nor bike in the pit, just eight minutes to the start and a Hutchinson Tubeless Foam inflator.

Hoping that the latex already in the tire and this foam might plug up whatever size hole might be inside my tubular, I pumped it up a couple of times only to se foam and latex ooze out the side of the tire. I rolled back to the start to give it a go, but after less than half-a-lap, I pulled out as my rear was once again empty.

Needless to say, Karl dominated the field, taking home 1st. I would rally, jumping in w/ the 3's for atleast a workout, with my floorpump in the pits. I launched off the front early, building a big lead before diving into the pits for a refill on air, the riders came back to w/in 10 sec or so, and with a slowly leaking tire, I would sprint the straights, remount very gently, and nurse the bike otherwise, still opening my lead backout to nearly a minute. There is no way I could have pulled off this race against the Pro's nor Karl, they would have smelt the blood in the water and devoured me. It was fun and all, but not the racing I was looking for.

Sandi & I did an awesome run out at Mill Creek yesterday in 4 - 6" of fresh snow, and with a Winter Storm Warning in effect today & tomorrow, w/ 1' to 2' of possible accumulation, it is time to ski. This season I will be racing in the Master's class in both classic and skate, and maybe even a couple snowboard contests...

The Dutch Grand Prix took place in Holland over the weekend (this is where the stroopwaffles come in), and while Nys continues to show why he is the man, it is great to see a slew of different nations represented not only in the top ten, but on the podium. Wonder how Trebon will do? (read this next part w/ a heavy Govenator accent) German rider Hank Kupfernagel rode back to the top of the womens World Cup by taking the win. The 2 time World CX Champion crushed the field on this muddy track. Ja Wohl Hanke!

Mud, Windmills & Stroopwaffles

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