Sunday, December 03, 2006

4:20 brah!

After a forray into the wild on Friday eve to land our Tannenbaum, Sandi & I were ready to try our new skins and ski up and over Paradise Divide above Crested Butte. Brian (who won the Grand Traverse last year) & Jenny Smith, Eric Sullivan, "Crazy" Dave Oochs and soon to be Mrs. Crazy Oochs all headed out from the Slate River trailhead for a days worth of skiing.

Once we hit the old town site of Pittsburg, we threw on our skins, Sandi & I just set up a new couple of sets of G3's for our Salomon Classic Equipe 10 race skis. By cutting a 90mm skin in half, we managed to create two very nice skinny skins for the both of us.

The skis and skins worked flawlessly today, and we were able to climb some 1500' w/ some ease, that is when you weren't the one breaking trail. At the top, the skins came off for a very fast descent, and if you have not descended on classic racing skis through powder, it is like riding a cyclo-cross rig down a World Cup Downhill - a whole lotta fun! The tour took us 4 hours & 20 minutes - Perfect!

We will be doing several traverses this season like today's, a little Telemarking, AT and snowboarding; I will try a Winter Tri (run, bike and ski- all on snow!), and some nordic racing, should be a lot of fun this winter.

Remember, keep it fresh (especially your tracks)!


Anonymous said...

see you at the Alley Loop?

34x18 said...

yes, my first one.