Thursday, December 21, 2006

Static Cling

Well I am sure everyone has heard of the "Big One", or the "Holiday Storm". Yeah, I was out in it, driving in snow can be treachorous, me, I think I am Peter Solberg in my Cravens Coffee prepared WRC Toyota Matrix. But with coffee machines weighing me down, they keep me from going balistic down powder covered roads. Still, a controlled drift here and there keep me entertained after hours in the drivers seat.

I have picked up the running, a lot, mixing it in w/ my nordic skiing regiment. The other evening, I was out on a snowy run w/ a headlamp to let motorists know where I was. When alon, I ran by the reflected light off the snowflakes, in a deafening winter silence. The flakes stung my eyes in a constant flurry. Then I would turn my light on to announce my presence, and the flakes became a visable static, still stinging my eyes in their constant bombardament. After the cars had passed, the lights went out and I was returned to my winter serienity.

BIG changes coming for 07, too many and too early to talk, but stayed tuned on all fronts. I am pumped.

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Rocco said...

how's the snow down there?