Wednesday, February 07, 2007

all things nordic

the winter has been great, despite the illusion by everyone else in the country that Colorado has a ton of snow (sorry, just denver), nordic skiing has been awesome. having hit the Grand Mesa nearly 10 times this season, and several other worthy locals, my skiing has come a long ways. proof is back in december I finished 3rd in the master's 10k in crested butte to some fast skiers, guys who burried me in the past by several minutes. then at a sprint race on western state's campus (it was fun to throw down on skis around the same places we have our cyclo-cross events) I pulled out a 2nd against a bunch of younger and more experienced skiers. then over the past weekend I won the master's class in the 21k in the alley loop in cb taking 3rd overall. Traveis Brown was in attendance doing the 42k and took an impressive 4th overall, he has mad skills on the skis just like the bike, wow.

skate skiing to me is much like single speeding, hard efforts on the climbs, ripping the descents and especially at areas like aspen, frisco, leadville (tennessee pass) and the grand mesa, it is so much fun. your out there, flying down trails, through trees and some great scenery, just epic. next year i will be having clinics specifically for cyclists looking for a great winter training programs to boost their summer performances along with picking something up that is so much fun.

Salomon has me on their '08 Equipe 10's and they are sweet. new construction, more 3D shape, nmex core mean lighter overall weight, but more so verylow swing weight, more snap on the kick means more power transfer, and they are fast. I have been loving breaking these guys in.

I glued up some semi-slicks on the 'cross bike as I am slowly mixing in some riding for the coming season. Fruita is in bad shape, snow mud, and long ways before there will be riding down there.


gwadzilla said...

good job on the fast skate skiing

I am just learning to stand up on the xc skiis

I look like a joker in a warren miller film

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