Tuesday, February 20, 2007

California Dreaming

Watching the Tour of California, it is hard to believe that it is so green and warm elswhere in the world, but I guess that is just me walking around with my blinders on. Not that i think we have it bad, I mean Fruita is still unridable, the front range has a much harder winter than us. This weekend I did a sweet ski with KT up in Mill Creek, and then a nice 2hr road ride with Sandi on sunday. In fact I have logged more days up here riding than last year driving to Montrose to ride (which we have yet to do). On the traininer I have like four or five days, from the sounds of Nat Ross's blog, he has many more than that. We have had it pretty good up here in the high country- well except for the fact I have been on my snowboard only once - but it was a powder day. The nordic skiing has been killer, in fact, I think I will hit it again today, but you can't help to be California Dreaming with those beautiful pics on VS. coverage. Hope Sea Otter will be that nice...

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...


here in DC we have neither

that is Washington DC

no green woods with dry trails

no snow covered wonderland

well... we had a few days of snow and ice
but not that colorado style stuff
pretty sweet for the DC scene

but hey

we make do with what we got