Wednesday, February 07, 2007

first rides

Gunnison has not been Gunnison this winter, only a few days of -0 temps, and it already feels like spring. after a day of the coffee trade, I hopped on the cross bike for a road ride, along with several others in Durango. Travis had told me he had been riding so I brought the cross bike figuring if the trails were dry (they weren't) I had options. It felt great to get out, Sandi & I had ridden last sunday following the alley loop. it is so figgin' cool to mix it up this time of the year, my weeks look like this:

Mon - 45min - 1hr run or 1 to 1 1/2 hrnordic ski + 1hr yoga
Tue - 1hr spin/ ride or run
Wed - 1 1/2 to 2hr skate ski hard
Thu - 1hr run
Fri - 2 hr spin/ride
Sat - skate ski race/ or 2 hr skate ski hard
Sun - classic tour or 2 hr road ride and 3 hrs snowboarding

all the way into april we can go to telluride for snowboarding or go skate skiing up in cb, then follow it up with road rides or mtbing in fruita. sounds like Colin is heading to AZ soon to ride, he'll be hooking up w/ Dejay...sounds like trouble to me.

I am building up my new IF hardtail and will have some reports on some new products soon.

remember, enjoy the process.

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gwadzilla said...

yoga would be sweet

guess I have no excuses for not going to yoga class