Saturday, December 09, 2006

10k Skate

My first nordic race of the season, CB Nordic Series 10k skate. Nailed the wax, my skis were sooo fast. Didn't nail the start, stumbling and missing my poles off the line, it took me a short bit to get into rythm. It wasn't until the second big climb on the first lap that I began to settle down, my heart rate was coming out my ears. Wearing bib 61 (my Dad's race car number), I was working through the field, pinning back earlier starters (it was a staggered start of :15 between each skier). Gradually a really fast Masters skier came back to me, and latched on once I had passed him. It was great motivation to pull him around and do battle. But once again my poor early season technique would rare its head as I blew our sprint for the finish when i nearly went down. No biggy, 2:30 behind the big guns, and I don't know yet what place. Don't need to, I had a good race, know what I need to focus on, and know how much time I need to improve on to move up.

Keep your tips up!

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